Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Memory Lane

Hello LadyGirls! California has yet to see more Autumn foliage but today I decided to dress a tad warmer to take a trip down memory lane. Montrose is a quaint little street of good old fashioned cafes, antique/collectible toy stores, and barber shops. This place holds many fond memories of TY Beanie Babies, charm bracelets, and Black Cow Cafe.  And as the night grew a bit nippy, I reached for an oversized sweater to bundle myself in!

Chanel Jumbo Bag


  1. Oh my I love the sweater! The outfit is so simple and yet you look absolutely stunning. <3

  2. So in love with your entire outfit! The heels, the sweater, the bag<3

  3. OMG I love the design on the heels ^0^

  4. Hi nayoung! i love your outfit today! i think the big oversized sweater really matches both your mini hand-bag and those killer boots ;)
    i have been meaning to let you know for months and months since when i first discovered your youtube channel of make-up tutorials, but then, i didn't have the courage to actually tell you that there are people out there in the world that loves and enjoys watching and learning from both your make-up tutorials and fashion advices from blogs! thank you for all the hard work and hope you have a good day today! :D

  5. Nayoung you are so beautiful *__*
    your heels are gourgeous, the entire outfit your're stunning <3

    Please please make a video about your secret to keeep your skin so white and milky if you live in california :)

    kisses unnie <3

  6. Fall time is the perfect time to bring out all the chunky sweaters :)

  7. unnie!!! love your outfit!!! so gorgeous^^

  8. love how comfy looking the sweater is! oh and i love your boots too. very sexy!

  9. I love your sweater and how you match it up with just a legging and pair of boots.
    And also your necklace is love! It has the little pendant that I'm always looking for as in necklace. Not too over, it's very delicate. :)
    xx, Ginny

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